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Monday, July 24, 2017

Help Us Bring a New Dexcom Companion App To market

Hey Community, I would like to take a second to introduce Hal, is a Dexcom companion IOS (for now) app made by a team of type 1 diabetics. We love the technology that Dexcom has provided, but as many know first hand, the app can be difficult to deal with and can definitely provide more data and insight. That being said, I would love to get some feedback from the community. What would your ideal app be? What type of data would you like? What would be a game changer? We want to build the best app and experience for all of us. Feel free to click the link and sign up to be a beta user! With your help, we feel like we can knock this out of the park and create the ideal app to manage your diabetes.

Sign up for beta at and feel free to leave us feedback on here or facebook

Noob question about rapid weight gain in late 30's due to genetic predisposition.

I'm a total noob at this, and I don't really know the terminology, so anything is appreciated.

A woman I've known for a long time was relatively thin for years, but within one year at about age 36, she suddenly gained a significant amount of weight in just a few months. Apparently this also happened to her mother and one aunt. They all started Diabetes medication at around that time.

As best she can tell from talking to doctors and researching her own 23 and Me data... this seems to be some kind of genetic predispostion.

Is this plausible? Is it a reasonable occurrence for someone with diabetes in their family to suddenly have a big sudden weight gain in their late 30's?

And is there anything to look for in genetics?

Freestyle libre sensors failing

So for the past few months I've had issues with the sensors simply falling off at night or even while sitting at my desk.

So I went and bought some Tegaderm, since I remember it working very well, to keep them in place. Now that I've put a new one on my arm,and the Tegaderm on top of it, it failed immediately, didn't even provide a single reading but kept asking me to rescan in 10 minutes for a while before finally automatically disabling the sensor.

I've googled what people are using before buying the Tegaderm and many people seem to use it, yet I'm curious if that could've been the issue.

How do I control my anger in regards to this decease? I'm heading down a dark path that I fear will lead to bad things

I've had this decease for a few years now and been doing pretty well.

My hb1ac has been between 5.3% and 5.6% during all my years. But as the years go by I got more and more angry when my blood glucose goes high or low.

I've started to harm myself in various ways just to do something with the anger. Not cutting or anything like that, but things like punching myself on the arms, or punch walls (hurting my knuckles) etc. I got like 3-4 bruises on my triceps right now, from punches or insulin injections (I sometimes inject into the muscle to have a faster insulin reaction).

I know it sounds crazy but it feels better than just letting the anger linger. In some cases I can get angry at myself which makes sense (like if I miscalculate the amount of insulin to take). But in other cases I know it isn't my fault (cases where my "analysis" on how much insulin to take made sense, and I wouldn't change it even in hindsight, yet I go high or low), and that's maybe even worse because then I don't have anything to direct the anger on.

Honestly I feel like I'm heading down a dark path sometimes. I'm not suicidal, and I'm not depressed, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not here in five years or so when I extrapolate the path I'm heading towards.

I just don't know what to do. My doctor praises me every time on my good blood results and I'm doing good in other parts of my life, but the anger of occasional bad blood sugars just consumes me more and more.

Correction bolus

How long should a correction bolus take to reach your BG target? I was always told 5 hours you should be in range with a high BG.

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