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Sunday, June 25, 2017

For those getting their 670G soon...

...don't expect any of the new sensors with it. I shouldn't be surprised since this is Medtronic, but looks like I won't be using this thing for another "10-14 days" while they do the script/insurance dance all over again.

Freestyle Libre - awesome tool, but how crazy is it for you? Do you know why?

Disclaimer: I really love my freestyle libre. It removes SO much burden from diabetes management.

BUT... every so often, they go nuts on me, with the readings bottoming-out, or topping-out, despite BG readings being fine.

Does anyone know why this is? Since the Libre takes readings from interstial fluid, and I'm on keto which can lead to dehydration if you're not careful (which I'm not -- my fault), I assume it's going nuts because I'm not getting enough fluid to the intercell skin areas it's trying to monitor.

Does that make sense?

UHC trying to send a nurse to my house to get my A1C?

I'm posting this here because I felt it was a bit scammy, and I want to see what you all think.

I woke up to a voicemail from a person "calling on behalf of United HealthCare". When I called them back, the recorded prompt stated the company was "Aegis Care", and the representative greeted me by name without me providing any information. All things that raise suspicion, but nothing egregious.

The guy explained that they would like to send a nurse to my home to perform a physical, getting my blood pressure, heart rate, and A1c. I explained that I've already had a physical and yearly bloodwork done, as well as the quarterly bloodwork for my endo, and asked why they need this done again. They say that HIPPA prevents them from getting this information. I ask what I get for submitting to this and what I don't get if I don't. They tell me that service allows them to better direct services for me and point out better treatments. He says that they will have a nurse in my area Monday and ask if I am available. I've worked high pressure sales gigs and know this is an absolute lie. I said I'd be declining and they hung up pretty quick.

  1. I don't know who these people are, and they operate under shady high-pressure sales tactics. They're not coming into my fucking home. It sounds like UHC sold them my info and they're trying to get me to sign up for unnecessary services that they can then bill to UHC. Nice little scam.

  2. As far as I see it, UHC knowing my A1c can only hurt me. They'll use it as future justification for raising premiums or denying services whether my numbers are high or low.

Anyone have input on what was going on here?

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We love to say “sweet until got diabetes”, but that's not actually true. (registration)
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